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In this episode, Christian and Rolly talk Omega’s Globemaster and make a drink with sweet vermouth!

Rolly and Christian drink a sweet vermouth, Cocchi. They splash in some seltzer water over the ice and vermouth and make a smooth, evening-starter kind of drink. Pick up a $20 bottle!

In a video on the Omega Globemaster, Christian mentioned that Omega’s use of the fluted bezel was unoriginal. We fleshed out a smaller portion of that rant here. Because the fluted bezel is such a staple of Rolex’s dress line – whether it was their invention or not – using it on the Globemaster could potentially look like Omega is copying Rolex. While watch GEEKS may know the history, the fact that Omega allegedly invented the fluted bezel in the early 1900s (it featured a slight reappearance in the ’50s), that is irrelevant. Rolex is known for the fluted bezel. Omega is NOT. What do you think?