Fianobile produced a lovely red wine from Sicily. It’s made from the Frappato grape, tastes strongly of raspberry, and is an absolutely stellar buy for around $16. Grab a bottle (or 10) of this wine and you WILL NOT regret it!

Christian and Rolly picked two icons whose photos with their watches left an impact.

Rolly chose a classic – Sean Connery’s James Bond, featuring a Rolex Submariner and a staple tuxedo. It didn’t matter what the guy was wearing. He was a charmer, a hero, and a bada** – his watch was cool. Period.

Christian chose Truman Capote, a famous American writer whose signature images feature him wearing a fine Cartier tank. The photo, rather than the person featuring the watch, appealed much more to an emotional and sentimental image of contemplation, inspiration, and intellect, rather than power, strength, and attractiveness.

The two men inspired watch-wearers for years, and they’re still just as relevant.