In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly dive into President Obama’s newest addition to his collection – the Rolex Cellini.

Now, spoiler, but I actually already dove into this subject in some more detail in an edition of “Watch 101“. That being said, the thing I didn’t discuss in much detail at all was the idea of a president wearing a luxury watch. In that world, things get a bit dicey. On the one hand, you have the idea that a president is meant to represent the entirety of the American people, which means that dressing too flashy, or wearing things that are overly expensive, might well be the antithesis of that.

Fast forward to a president once their term is finished, and all of a sudden, you notice a trend of presidents playing “catch up” in a way, trying to make up for the time they lost indulging their passions. For some presidents, this makes more sense than others. President Obama, by all accounts has long been a watch geek. He’s worn everything from the fabled Casio F-91W to a Tag Heuer diver to his now famous Jorg Gray chronograph (gifted to him by the secret service). So to see him make the leap into serious horology in the form of the most obscure modern Rolex line is by no means a surprise, but it is a sure fire way to keep it classy, watchfam.