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Liquor Run Q+A: Swatch, Gold Watches, Wine Recommendations & More

Rolly and Christian answer your questions on watches, Brooks Brothers and summer wine tips.

May 27, 2020

When it comes to what we’re drinking this week, we have some Verdejo (a Spanish white wine) for Rolly, and a Boulevardier for Christian (basically a Negroni, but with Rye instead of Gin). And now for the questions:

1) What are your thoughts on Swatch in general?
Rolly has a very vivid memory of Swatch in the 80s being one of the hot watches to have, mostly because of their vivid colors and sleek design language. But even beyond the core collection, there were a ton of unique models that were done in collaboration with other artists, like Keith Harring, that stood out as being truly special. However, as Christian points out, this kind of collaboration could very easily extend into custom watches, designed by any and everyone who wants one. It’s an important, but still missed opportunity for the brand to raise not just awareness of their watches, but their commitment to those who would buy them.

2) Polo or Brooks Brothers?
There are a lot of pluses to both companies, of course, and Brooks Brothers has a tremendous history with American Icons like JFK, but so too does Polo (specifically Ralph Lauren as a designer). Where Brooks Brothers can very easily loose a new customer is in little things, like the “Regent Fit” not actually being a uniform description of fit from item to item.

3) Rose vs Yellow Gold?
While rose gold tends to be viewed as something sort of “of the time” and fad-like, yellow gold runs the risk of being very, very loud. This can be off-putting not only to the wearer, but to the people around them. There’s an inherent warmth to rose that’s simply lacking in yellow, but like so many things with watches, it all comes down to personal preference.

4) What do you say to people who think spending so much money on watches is idiotic because your phone tells the time?
So much of what we love about mechanical watches comes not from the ability to tell the time (or hell, even tell it all that accurately compared to something like an Apple Watch), but from the stories that attach themselves to it as time goes on.

5) Why you choose to have a liquor run?
If you’re looking $10 and under, sparkling wine is the way to go with bottles like a nice Cava from Spain or a nice bottle of Prosecco. If you’re looking $25 and under, Chehalem winery is one of the best options out there, though if you’re looking to go to Italy, a Suave Classico from Pierre Opan. If you’re a fan of Sauvignon Blanc, Chalk Hill is a great American option as well. However, if you’re looking for something red, the Beaujolais is the way to go. And of course, if you’re feeling really boujee and want to go for something between $25 and $50, then let’s talk Rose. Specifically, let’s talk Domaine Ott Rose, a very light, but still structured wine that can be hard in and below the $40 range.

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