In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly dive into a freaking JUG of Carlo Rossi and discuss the newest releases in the Carrera line by Heuer.

Historically, the Carrera has always been a more clean, simplistic watch design. Where the Monaco has that iconic square case, or the Autavia with it’s bezel, the Carrera always felt like more of a dress watch and less of a sports watch. And then came the Carrera O2. It’s a watch that, as Rolly puts it, reeks of Hublot.

As a chronograph, it isn’t particularly functional, seeing as you can’t REALLY read the subdials, and this is where the major issue comes in. How on Earth can it be said that this piece is in any way the natural evolution of the most classically designed, functional chronographs in history? It just kind of can’t and, as such, makes you scratch your head and wonder what the point is.