In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly dive into a bottle of Austrian wine while talking the partnership between Roger Federer and Rolex!!

For those not in the know, Federer is perhaps one of the greatest living tennis players we’ve ever seen (and I don’t even watch tennis – take Christian and Rolly’s word for it). For as long as Christian and I have been around, it seems like Federer has been wearing a Rolex, and this partnership may be one of the most logical, downright perfect in modern watch sponsorships. Just this past Open, Federer won big and was seen wearing nothing other than a blue-dialed Sky-Dweller. So why on earth is this partnership so f**king brilliant?

Let’s break it down for a moment – Federer wasn’t just spotted wearing the watch during a match, or during an interview; no, he wore the watch while he held up the trophy after winning the thing. That’s a photo that’s going to be in every major magazine, on every blog and website, on Instagram and Facebook…and you couldn’t INVENT marketing like that. This puts the watch, the most complicated watch that Rolex makes, in front of literally thousands upon thousands of people, all of whom see it on one of the most well-known, well-respected modern athletes in the world. Come on now, that’s good product placement. Take THAT, Michael Bay!