In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly discuss the things they’d like to see happen in both the wine and watch world in the upcoming new year over a fantastic bottle of Pinot Noir (a gift from T&H fan Eric (or Erik – sorry buddy)!

In the world of wine, Rolly has a few things he’d like to see happen and areas of the industry he’d like to explore. The first is Spanish Sherry, which is almost like a spectrum of different wines that ranges from the super fruity to the almost salty, and nearly every major taste sensation in between. The next is Austrian wines, an area that he and Christian both feel they simply don’t know enough about. Last, but certainly not least, he’d like to revisit Chilean wines, another area he’s not satisfied with his exploration of.

In the world of watches, Christian really wants to hammer down on developing more of a community for watch enthusiasts online, really helping bring in people new to the hobby and giving them the kind of service and support they deserve. In other words, the T&H goal for 2018 is to continue growing the watchfam, which you can help with by sharing these videos and inviting people to the Facebook group. Was that totally shameless? Not at all; probably one of the most shame-ridden plugs of the year.