Check it out in the watch shop!

This is what Thursdays at T&H are made of – a stunning 60’s Omega Seamaster and a matte black Rolex Datejust 1601. I haven’t had many jobs, but I can’t imagine any other being this good.

First, the Seamaster.

You’ll never see another just like it, I guarantee it. Its dial might be a beautiful gradient copper now but originally, it was white. You see, extreme exposure to the elements (humidity and the sun, namely) can have some pretty crazy effects on vintage dials.

And look at this classic Seamaster case – thick, beveled and seemingly unpolished.

It’s broad dauphine hands and matching indices add so much to the durable steel aesthetic.

And the inclusion of its original Omega crown doesn’t hurt either.

But lets back up and think about Omega for second. It’s a brand that many of us so wrongfully take for granted. Its significance stretches from the wrist of John F Kennedy to the moon. The brand has been producing top notch watches since 1848 and they haven’t stopped since.

This model, the Seamaster, is one of the first watches I fell in love with. It’s well built, has its place in history, and more than that, when you buy one, you’re getting a ton of value for your buck. As we’ve said before – they claim no status, only style and respect for history, tasteful design, and practical mechanics.

Now, the Datejust.

It’s a reference 1601 with a shockingly beautiful and equally rare matte black dial. I’ll get back to all of that in a second.

A vintage Rolex is one of the few material items that you can both enjoy for the rest of your life and, when the day comes, pass down to the next generation to do the same. I mean, you could leave your grandsons and daughters your shoes, jackets and dining room table, too, if you’d like. But, and I’ll think you’ll agree, a watch is so much more personal and intimate.

Back to this example. Its case is strong, movement buttery and its dial is absolutely untouched. Accented by its original tritium throughout.

But, and I’m sorry to disappoint, this one has been snagged up by our good friend Eric. He’s an entrepreneur, extremely passionate watch collector and brother of this beautiful Datejusts new owner – that’s right, Chris. Happy 32nd.