Check them out in the watch shop!

In this episode, Christian reviews the two newest watches hitting the watch shop – a Rolex Day-Date and a Tudor Prince Date!

Rolex Day Date Ref. 1803
Introduced in 1956, the Day Date was the first watch to feature the day of the week on full text. From there, it became a global icon. From the wrist of LBJ to Tony Soprano, the Day Date, bracelet and all, became a symbol synonymous with success and power. But now, in the age of pairing beautiful, bold watches like this with leather straps as opposed to solely they matching gold bullion Presidenials, they’ve become so much more approachable. And that’s a very, very good thing.

Let’s look at this example. It dates to 1971, it features a thick 18k oyster case, sharp fluted bezel and most importantly, a rare nonluminious champagne dial. Even though its marked “t swiss t” for tritium at 6, it was never intended to glow, it was positioned to be a more formal variation of the classic 1803. Isn’t that just incredible?

Tudor Prince Oysterdate
This is something very special. It’s a reference 9061, it dates to 1977 – the same year as my Datejust actually – and yes, its gold. Well, gilt actually. Its dial was treated 40 years ago with a distinct finish that has since become the most collectible in the vintage watch world – black gloss and gold, gilt print. There is no other dial in the world that reflects like a gilt dial and this example, which I’m excited just to be wearing, is absolutely flawless.