Check ’em out in the watch shop!

In this episode, Anna dives into two Rolex Air King’s with custom order dials, the newest watches in the shop at Theo & Harris. Here are some of the things she said,

“About 80 years after Daniel Plainview drank Eli’s milkshake (there will be blood reference), oil industry figures, Pool Intairdrill and Circle Bar Drilling commissioned Rolex to manufacture custom Air King’s with their logo’s at 6.

They used these rare Rolexes as rewards, gifts to top employees – whether for commending sales achievements, recognizing exceptional safety or retirement, the two companies knew how to give a gift.

Fast forward to today into a market that has finally recognized the value of rare Rolexes and these raw, original Air Kings are mini-grails and rightfully so.

These two examples feature razor sharp seemingly unpolished steel Oyster cases, immaculate smooth bezels, beautiful silver tritium dials and dagger hands. Frankly, even putting aside the Circle Bar and Pool logos, these watches are terrific. But with them, they’re important parts of the Air King legend.”