Check out this Tudor Prince Oysterdate HERE!

On paper, it’s almost underwhelming. A 34mm gold capped, Rolex look-alike. But In the metal, this Tudor Prince Oysterdate reference 90735, is everything but. It’s a watch designed and manufactured by the request of Rolex themselves. Rolex used Tudor as a medium for experimentation. Through Tudor, Rolex manufactured watches they had always wanted to, but couldn’t under their own name.

It’s gold capped and, while there is certainly in no shame rolled or plated gold cases, the cap is markedly thicker, and therefore more durable – and, because the entire case is not solid yellow gold, it’s also more affordable. This Tudor Oysterdate is Rolex’s way of offering a solid gold watch, without the price tag or a compromise of quality.

This Tudor Oysterdate has all the splendor of the Datejust – the way the classic fluted bezel catches the light, the beautiful, expressive dial. And the versatility, too. Whether dressed up on a cordovan strap or down on this textile.

Its Tudor shield is a symbol of solidity and unfailing reliability.