Check out this LeCoultre HERE!

In the immortal words of Phil Risotto, Holy Cow.

To me, there’s something extremely charming about owning a Jaeger-LeCoultre – wearing the “watchmakers favorite watch” is a geeky experience you have to feel to understand but once you have, it’s unmistakable.

This isn’t my first JLC, or in this instance LC, and it isn’t the first example I’ve fallen for so deeply, either. But why? Let me tell ya.

Look at its perfectly marbled charcoal dial and gilt print. Although super understated, they make for the furthest thing from boring. They’re small, easily ignored elements that, to the people “in the know”, make all of the difference.

And look at that case! Insane, right? A white gold filled dream – fancy, elongated lugs and all. And its sharp, immaculate condition only makes that clearer.

Oh, and powering those beautiful tapered baton hands, which, of course, match each hour index perfectly is the manually wound 480/CW caliber. This wonderful, finely finished traditional Swiss movement is accented by Côtes de Genève and wide chamfers throughout, proving this under-the-radar piece to not only be handsome but a truly high quality, old world wristwatch.

Most vintage JLC’s dress watches are dainty, delicate and most at home on the wrist of your grandfather – if he’s a super tasteful, refined captain of industry type, that is. But this, what we’ve got here, is so much more. SO much more approachable, so much more to talk about and admire. It’s been under my care for over a year and today, it’s just as capable of knocking my wind right out as it was the first day wore it.

While it definitely hurts, it brings me much, much joy to say.. This marbled, manual and carefully finished LeCoultre is officially for sale.