Check out this Omega Seamaster Chronograph HERE!

Conceptually, this Omega Seamaster Chronograph brilliant. Aesthetically, it’s clean, balanced and pleasantly sharp and mechanically, it couldn’t really get any better.

And it’s pretty darn rare to find one in raw, original condition like this.

It’s a dress chronograph – although not invented by Omega, the idea that the sportiest of complications could be executed in a refined, formal fashion is terrific.

Unlike so many of the collectible Vacheron’s and Patek’s, this Omega Seamaster actually does have a slightly sporty element to it. It markers and hands are luminous, its indices are sharply pointed and its case is thick, beveled stainless steel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sleek and formal. But those accents give it life, speed almost.

Its movement is based on the Lemania 2310 and it’s an absolute legend. It’s the movement that was chosen to go to the moon, for goodness sake. And that doesn’t just validate its historical provenance, but also its merit. Even Roger Smith wears one and, for those who haven’t been fortunate enough to know his work, Mr. Smith is the man behind his namesake manufacturer. They produce 10 truly British watches per year – some of the absolute finest mechanical watches in the world. We’re talking about original architecture, hand finishing, etc. If Roger Smith wears a 321 proudly, who the hell would we be to disagree?

Whether you’re interested in this 1960 Seamaster, or just in the mood for some more “watchporn”, head on over to the watch shop!