Check it out in the watch shop!

The Datejust is the perfect watch. It’s a storm of value and let me tell you why.

Its classic 36mm steel oyster case sits both substantially and conservatively on almost any wrist. Defined by its sharp lugs and supple smooth bezel, its perfect from sweater to suit, bar to boardroom.

Onto the inside, since it was manufactured in 1983, it’s powered by the remarkably robust, accurate and serviceable 3035 hi-beat caliber. It’s the kind of movement built for generations worth of Sunday morning soccer games.

And how about the fact that the Datejust carries with it the richest heritage in the history of watches – not only is it a Rolex, but it was their damn 40th anniversary to themselves in 1945.

And now, onto the main attraction. Its original black dial. Not only are black dial datejusts rare in and of themselves but this example is absolutely flawless and it’s accented by pumpkin colored tritium on both the hands and lume plots.

It gives us all of that – supreme design, an in-house movement to rely on and a rare, almost inconcieveably beautiful dial – all for a price within relative affordability.

Watches like this are reason T&H has become the Kingdom of grail datejusts – so yes, we’re incredibly proud to officially be offering it at T&H.