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Check out this LeCoultre Chronograph HERE!

There’s an old watch geek phrase, “the watchmakers watch.” It’s applied to the brand that, after all of the hubbub, the watchmakers themselves, the people know know mechanical watches most intimately, go back to. The brand they gift to their own wrists. And, as far back as I can trace it, it has always been applied to Jaeger LeCoultre.

This, my geeks, is what a grail looks like. A razor sharp three register chronograph, powered by arguably the most desirable chronograph movement of all time, manufactured by what is probably the ultimate undercover Swiss brand.

Yes, it’s a 1950’s steel chronograph, powered by the Valjoux 72 and manufactured by LeCoultre.

First, its case. 35mm of unpolished steel. Have a look at those bevels, they’re exactly has they were when dispatched – never destroyed, never softened by dreaded polishing wheel.

And I love the juxtaposition of the opposing intensities – the cutting angles of the bevels beside the plump, round case and pushers. It’s all completely opposite, but so complimentary.

Sure, Some numb nuts put it in a wrench and damaged two lugs but, not only are the new ridged impossible to see while its being worn, but This could be easily polished out… we’d just rather leave that up to you.

Onto the Valjoux 72 ticking at its core – it’s a classical, manual winding, column wheel, lateral clutch chronograph with some pretty darn buttery, and very responsive action. Even more importantly, it’s the same movement that powered the Rolex Daytona, Breitling Navitimer, Heuer Carerra in their prime. So no, LeCoultre didn’t slouch off.

Let’s talk LeCoultre. Did you know that it started separately from Jaeger and that they later merged? But Even after the merger between the LeCoultre and Jaeger companies in the late 1930’s – the two brands did still market independently. Just with the same movements, cases and quality.

Owning a LeCoultre is a special, charming experience. It’s one that’s near impossible to describe but once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never forget.