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In this episode, Anna reviews a rare Tudor Oyster Prince!

From navy blazer and gingham shirt at a summer wedding to cable-knit sweater and quilted vest at a pumpkin patch, this vintage Oyster-cased, radium-burnt Tudor is almost guaranteed to be the coolest watch on any nearby wrist.

The modern tudor lineup is jam-packed with hefty cases, rather un-daring color advancements, and Rolex copy-cats for occasions. Not to say they’re poorly made, thoughtlessly designed, or unimpressive – I’m sure a black bay would charm the hell out of me in the metal. But vintage Tudor is another beast entirely.

Tudor’s earliest defining characteristic was the famous rose logo printed on its dials. The evolution of Tudor can, in part, be tracked by various redesigning of that logo. From a rose encased in a shield (just like the one on this example) to the free rose big and small, the logo “symbolized the invincible union of strength – the watch’s robustness – with grace – the beauty of its lines,” according to Tudor. This rose-in-shield logo falls on some of the earliest of Tudor’s dials. In ’47, Tudor began to faze out the shield – which is why most often you’ll see that free-standing rose. This watch, however, is one of the few that made it out of the ’50’s without a redesign.

If significance brand changes or rare dials are your thing, this Tudor is right up your alley. And now only that, it features that classic Rolex crown and a breathtaking dial. This is truly one of the most beautiful Tudors I have ever seen.

I mean, its sharp lugs and strong, brushed case are perfectly balanced, and in harmony with the bright dial and copper patina. Typically, elements like the dauphine hands and matte cream dial are the ONE defining desirable of a watch. On this Tudor, they’re only the beginning. This dial features copper-aged, pointed hour markers and numerals at 12,3,6,and 9, a faded blued steel second hand, burnt lume plots within a strong chapter ring, and two radium burns.

Its soft yet robust appearance is matched with a top notch automatic caliber 309. It’s got the style, durability, ultimate versatility and of course, the Crown. The vintage Tudor market is on fire and I have to say – I get it.