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Rolex Submariner
It’s an oxymoron, a total F.U. to the ultimate tool watch, it’s the Rolex Submariner in solid 18k yellow gold.

The Submariner was created to accompany you to hell and back. It’s not a status symbol, just a tool.As such, steel was the metal of choice. But, for some gorgeous and ungodly reason, this was created in 1971.

Although designed to the same specs of durability, this watch serves a polar purpose. Its not for exploring the oceans valleys, its for stockbrokers and pinstripe suits. And whether your love or hate that culture, this is one hell of a watch. Both beautiful and rare. Its original matte dial, tritium mercedes hands, thick 18k oyster case make the quality of this example clear. And if that isn’t enough, it’s being offered on the rarest bracelet ever manufactured for this reference. Typically, these 18k yellow gold 1680s were sold on oyster bracelets. Sometimes, on jubilee and nearly never on presidents. But, by the grace of the watch gods, we’ve got one.

Now, I know that’s a lot of gold. I mean, A LOT of gold. So if its just not your thing, we’ll be happily offering this incredible watch on one of our insane T&H JR straps instead. Whether type one or Griswold, its one of those unforgettable pieces. I mean, just look at it.

Rolex GMT
The GMT Master was introduced in 1954 and since, not only has it graced the wrist of Pussy Galore, but its been the Rolex to best (and most famously) ride the line between sport and dress. Unlike the Submariner, it was Intended to be worn beside traditional, professional clothing – blue jacket, white cuff.

The GMT master was the first Rolex I ever fell in love with and this two tone reference 16753, straight out of the eighties with this razor sharp bevels and original jubilee bracelet, does my fond memories justice. Not only is it a spectacular watch, but it comes complete with its original box and sales receipt, too. It’s a time capsule and we couldn’t be more proud but to be offering it here for you!