Check them out in the watch shop!

In this episode, Christian review the two newest watches in the watch shop – a Zodiac Seawolf with a JB Champion bracelet and a Rolex Oyster Precision.

This is remarkable. It’s a reference 6426 and this example was made specifically for the UK market, and its caseback is marked accordingly. Now, while the vast, vast majority of 6426’s were cased in steel, there are a handful of examples in original solid gold oyster cases in the world; and this is one of them.

Beyond its rarity, it really is a gorgeous piece, too. Its cream dial is flawless and, because of its lack of text, it has a very large, clean appearance. And look at those hands – plump yellow gold alpha for the minute and hour and then a slim, blue sweeping second.

So, how did I land this rare bird? Through Madrileño, a friend and watch geek based in Spain’s capital, with a passion for odd ball pieces. He acquired it just a year ago from a fellow Spaniard, a family friend of the original owner, AM Rogerson. A man who enjoyed the finer life – a gold rolex and retirement in Mallorca, a Spanish paradise.

The Seawolf was introduced by Zodiac in 1953, a year before Rolexes Submariner. It was the first dive watch to feature a rotating bezel and with a water resistance of 660 feet, it was twice as resilient as Blancpains Fifty Fathoms.

This Seawolf, with its flawless black gloss dial is a terrific example of this legacy. Its steel case is strong and sharp, its hands have maintained their original coloration and its original J.B. Champion steel bracelet is absolutely mint.