Check them out in the watch shop!

In this episode, Christian reviews the newest watches hitting the watch shop – a Zodiac Seawolf and a Tudor Snowflake.

The Seawolf was introduced by Zodiac in 1953, a year before Rolexes Submariner. It was the first dive watch to feature a rotating bezel and with a water resistance of 660 feet, it was twice as resilient as Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms.

This Seawolf, a reference 699 is a terrific example of this legacy. Its steel case is strong and sharp, its hands have maintained their original coloration and its dial has aged wonderfully, it tells a story of use, not shelter. This Seawolf realized its potential, it went deep and I love that.

The Tudor snowflake was born in 1969. Its 6-year production run, in retrospect, created some of the most interesting and desirable variations on the classic Submariner ever.

And this example, a reference 7016/0 is a great one. From its painfully well-aged dial with custard tritium square plots and a near-perfect ghost bezel, it’s full of character. Its dial, marked “Swiss”, which dates it to the first Snowflake production run. And if you’re really a Tudor geek, you’ll notice the bubbling blue paint – another dead giveaway of those first releases.

Now, these watches were built to take a beating. While the Seawolf retains some 50’s class and restrained proportions, the Snowflake couldn’t afford any of it. They are built to be a whole different type of animal – the 40 millimeters of thick, raw steel make it clear -when snowflakes left the factory, they were destined for brutality. Luckily, this example has been pretty damn well preserved. Free of real nicks and gashes and without ugly stain to the beautiful blue dial.