Moser Goes Green With The H. Moser & Cie Nature Watch

Article By: Logan Hannen


H. Moser & Cie, the Swiss watch manufacturer responsible for some of the most snide (see: The Swiss Alp Watch), comical (see: The Swiss Mad Watch), or downright controversial (see: The Swiss Icons Watch) releases, has returned for another year of irreverent novelty in advance of SIHH 2019. Meet the Nature Watch.

Every year, Moser introduces a piece unique that is designed to evoke and visualize some kind of strong message about the Swiss watch industry. A few examples:

The Swiss Alp Watch took jabs at the Apple Watch.

The Swiss Mad Watch featured a case made entirely of Swiss cheese, making it, in effect, the “most Swiss watch ever made.”

Swiss Icons Watch, (2018) a timepiece that was comprised
of major design elements from nearly every iconic Swiss watch of the last half century.

With this, the brand introduced a new kind of controversy to their yearly tradition, eventually retracting the watch altogether. As such, speculation immediately started about how they planned to follow up at this year’s SIHH, and it seems we have our answer.

The Nature Watch

H. Moser & Cie Nature Watch
Source: SJX Watches

The Nature Watch, the first of these unique one off models to not feature “Swiss” in its name, was accompanied by the following from the brand:

“At H. Moser & Cie., we had a dream. A dream about an ancient time, where time grew on trees, infinitely, for everyone to pick. This year’s creation for the SIHH is born from this dream: a mechanical and vegetal watch that tells the story of how intimately our time on earth is linked to nature. It is a reminder of how precious and fragile our planet is, and of how little time we have left to preserve it for future generations.

Introducing the Moser Nature Watch, a symbol of our commitment, as Swiss Watchmakers and as human beings, to promoting sustainable and respectful development.

Among other measures, we commit to:
* Rely on ethical, fair trade and local sourcing
* Respect the Responsible Jewellery Council certification
* Reduce our carbon footprint to zero by the end of 2019
* Supporting nonprofit organisations which are dedicated to furthering ambitious and educational initiatives

It is not revolutionary. But absolutely necessary. Let’s Make Swiss Made Green again.”

The watch’s novelty, it seems, is accompanied by a rather serious commitment on behalf of the brand. The piece itself is covered in plants that, according to Moser, were grown in their own garden outside of their Schaffhausen-based headquarters. The dial is comprised of natural stone and lichen, and the strap is grass on top, and the underside is made of some undetermined material, as seen below.

Back of the H. Moser & Cie Nature Watch
Source: Monochrome

All other things aside, there is a functioning timepiece beneath the plant matter. That timepiece is 42mm in diameter, and features the in-house, hand wound Moser caliber HMC 327.

Moser intends, as with all of its SIHH novelties, to auction the Nature Watch off for charity. In the interim, however, the brand has stated that they will donate 10 children’s books to the charity Room to Read for every visitor to the Moser booth at SIHH 2019.

The Damage
As a piece unique intended to be auctioned off for charity, the H. Moser & Cie Nature Watch is not for sale to the public and is a single production model.

Christian’s Take
Moser, the brand that never fails to dedicate resources to buffoonery once a year, has struck again. While I’m not sure who or what they’re making fun of (PETA? Al Gore?) I giggled. In an industry as stuffy as this, it’s good to laugh at a fart now and then and for that, I thank Moser. But, like the loving principal that sees potential in the class clown, I hope to see something impressive from them soon.