My Dream $200,000 Patek Philippe Watch + Questions LIVE

ASKTNH LIVE | MAR 01, 2019

In this week’s ASKTNH LIVE, Christian takes YOUR questions LIVE via our Instagram. The first question is a pretty straightforward one – Cartier Tank or Rolex Datejust? The Datejust is simply a more versatile watch than the Tank, which makes it more appealing for a wider variety of wrists and occasions. From there, we tackle the sportiest watch that is safe to rock in a suit, and the answer is likely a thin Royal Oak because of how sporty and yet refined it is. What’s Christian’s guilty pleasure watch? The cheap, gold plated digital Casio watches you can pick up for $20 online or in stores like Walmart, specifically because they’re just a ton of fun and, for the price, you can’t really go wrong.

When it comes to black tie, Christian picks his simple jump hour watch, but the Cartier Tank and some classic, vintage Patek Philippe Calatravas are also superb options. Leather straps or metal bracelets? Generally speaking, leather straps, but the bracelets on watches like the Royal Oak or the President bracelet are definitely on the list. What’s Christian’s unachievable grail? The Patek 3438, their first automatic winding watch with stellar dauphine hands and a beautiful yellow gold case. Perhaps not a watch he intends to ever buy, but one that he would certainly love to own anyway.