Orange is the New Green:
Glashutte Original Introduces the Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date in Orange

Article By: Logan Hannen


German manufacture Glashutte Original have added a new dial color to their range of Sixties models in the form of what the brand calls “fiery orange.”

Last year, the brand released the Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date in a green patterned dial as an “annual edition,” to much acclaim. The Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date have been bedrocks of the modern Glashutte collection since their introduction, with their 1960s inspired designs appealing to a wide range of audiences. And now, for 2019, a new annual edition is being introduced, this time with an orange version of the patterned dial debuted on the 2018 model.

The Glashutte Original Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date in Orange

The Sixties Panorama Date (Left) and Sixties Non-Date (right)
Source: Glashutte Original

In the way of dimensions, the Sixties comes in at 39mm in diameter and 9.4mm thick, while the Panorama Date comes in at 42mm and 12.4mm thick. The difference in thickness is attributed to the added complication in the Panorama Date, a big date display just above the 6 o’clock marker on the dial. Both cases are stainless steel, and both models come on dark brown alligator leather straps.

Glashutte Original Sixties
Source: Glashutte Original

The pattern on the dial is described by the brand as “domed, with embossed surface, red-black lacquer with dégradé effect.” Roughly speaking, this translates to a dial that is embossed with a unique patterned texture, and a color pattern that appears to dissolve to black as it approaches the edges of the dial. The same technique was used on the green model from last year.

Inside the time-only model is the Glashutte caliber 39-52, an automatic winding movement with a 40 hour power reserve. The Panorama Date model, by contrast, is powered by the 39-47, the same base caliber as seen in the time only, with the addition of a big date complication at 6 o’clock. It features the same 40 hour power reserve.

The Damage
The Glashutte Original Sixties (time only) retails for 6,300 Euros, while the Panorama Date retails for 7,800 Euros.

Logan’s Take
First and foremost, orange is my favorite color, so Glashutte had me at hello on this one. Beyond that though, there’s something kind of refreshing about a brand choosing one specific model to update each year in a simple, yet lighthearted way. In principle, the Sixties collection should be dress watches by all accounts. And yet, with the green last year and this year’s orange, it’s hard to think that Glashutte have decided to take a step back and have fun with the dial execution to not only offer some variety that helps them stand out, but also to help differentiate themselves from some of the more stark, Bauhaus-inspired pieces that the region is typically known for. This model may not be a total crowd pleaser given how loud it is, but I have a hard time seeing how anyone can fail to acknowledge the inherent charm of these pieces.