A Watch Geek Must-Read

NOV 26, 2018

In this episode, Christian discusses Richard Vinhais’ new book, “Discovering Time.” Richard is an avid watch geek, community member, and passionate father. This collection of short stories “takes readers on a humorous, unusual and illuminating look into the global subculture of watch collecting. It shares a series of themed short-stories, coupled with stunning photography, that breaths intimate perspective into a relatively clandestine and fiercely loyal community. At the heart of these stories, readers will be exposed to the phenomenon of “watch meet-ups” where complete strangers from all over the world gather to share their interest in timepieces, which often evolve into lifelong friendships. From local dive bars to exclusive exotic locations, socioeconomic barriers are cast aside and friendships forged, all in the mutual love of horology.”

Purchase the book here: http://bit.ly/DT-book
Read more: https://www.discoveringtimebook.com/
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