In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian dives into the new Breitling Super 8, and why it’s a confused, unnecessary piece.

When Breitling sold to CVC Partners (or 80% of them anyway), a lot of us were incredibly excited, hoping that it would help to elevate them to some even higher place. And then they dropped the Super 8. A reissue of a piece they’d designed in World War II basically designed to help pilots more accurately drop bombs on people.

There’s a couple of huge issues. The first is the size – at 50mm, while historically accurate, is just frankly absurd for anyone to be wearing on their wrist (the original Super 8s were designed to be worn around the thigh). The second is that the original reference was EXCLUSIVELY a stop watch, with no standard timekeeping to be found. By contrast, the reissue does tell the time, but features no stop watch function.

The ref. 637 was manufactured in the 1940s, and this is where the biggest issue comes from – Breitling is calling the Super 8 a freakin NAVITIMER (a line that was not introduced until 1952, mind you). In essence, they’re taking a historical reference, and attaching an irrelevant model line to it to give it more cred and frankly, it’s just kind of shameful.