Today, we’re digging deep into a T&H fan’s watch collection. From Patek to Breitling, it’s clear this geek is into sports watches. His next move could be his grail – but what will he have to liquidate? Find our thoughts here.

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Video Transcript
He’s got a Patek 5711, IWC Spitfire, Panerai 312, Breitling chronomat 44, Tudor black Bay, Pierce chronograph and an Breitling Navitimer 806 AOPA. Off the bat, you’ve got a terrific collection – there’s definitely some variation there but they’re still all in a very similar vein. I appreciate that you don’t seem like you’re being forced into any watches in particular.

Now, A little about these watches and their back story – the Patek 5711 was kind of a grail, as it is for most of the watch Community, a bit of a Legend and it’s hard to ignore.

For your birthday, you bought yourself an IWC Spitfire – this watch is terrific even though I’m not an enormous IWC fan, I love the red accents, I love the execution of the date window and I love the hands.

Next, the Tudor Black Bay you bought when you bought an engagement ring for your wife. I actually made an episode on this a couple of months ago – I think it’s healthy to buy yourself something nice when you make that large purchase. Further, I love commemoration watches. I love celebrating an awesome moment with a watch because the watch then absorbs that awesomeness.

Next, your Panerai 312! That you bought when you got married! To hustle through the last three – you have your piece chronograph, a great little vintage chronograph, your Breitling Top Time, another vintage watch beauty. I think the Breitling Top Time and AOPA are superior to the Pierce but that’s not a bad thing – I think that’s cool that you’re touching a couple of bases. And your Breitling Chronomat 44! It’s bulky, it’s bold and we’ll talk more about it in a second. Okay so the big question – are you a Breitling guy?? Do you collect, appreciate and have a passion for Breitling? Or, are you just in to sports watches and happen to have accumulated some Breitlings? If you are a passionate Breitling guy, I think it’s fine that you have three – but the Chronomat makes me feel like that is not the case. So, I do think you should sell the Chronomat and possibly either the Top Time or the 806. I think that it would be healthy and interesting to explore other brands. Onto the two watches you mentioned you’ll be looking at next – the Patek 5205 and a yellow gold Rolex Daytona.

Here’s my first question – do you want a gold Rolex sports watch or a gold Daytona? That’s a $7,000 question because if your answer is the gold Rolex sports watch, I recommend the Rolex 16758 GMT with a nipple dial. You can fetch one around $13,000 – which would bring you $7K closer to your next watch.

Now, on to your Patek 5205 – honestly, I’m not a fan. I just dont like the execution, I love the bottom half, just not the top. It’s those windows that I hate – apart from them, it’s amazing. It’s 40 millimeters which is stunning and its black dial is so beautiful. Still, I think you can you do better. If you’d like to stay within the sports theme (while dressing it up), a Lange Sohne 1815 chronograph in yellow gold or rose would be ideal. And I think that given your Spitfire and Chronomat and your grail of a 5205, the 1815 or Datograph is a great compromise – a wonderful meeting of those two worlds and I bet you can get one for less than the 5205.

Bringing it back, don’t opt for the Daytona if you dont have to. As far as the Patek is concerned, explore more! Over all, Anthony, there’s a little bit of work to be done but the natural progression of collecting takes years to figure out what it is that you like which direction you’re headed in.