Rolly and Christian are joined by a great friend (and previous T&H guest), Anthony Ewing. Anthony is the FIRST T&H guest to have and actively wear an APPLE WATCH. In part two of this week’s special RANT&H, we dive a bit deeper into the APPLE WATCH, and get into a discussion about Anthony’s grandfather’s long-lost Rolex.

When it comes to the APPLE WATCH, it’s a very interesting dynamic that Anthony very astutely considers: it isn’t the kind of watch you’d necessarily want to wear to a formal event or to an evening out on the town. People do, no question, but it almost begs to be used as a productivity tool, and why are you trying to be productive at a five star restaurant? Or even a burger joint, for that matter? For those moments where we are supposed to be incredibly present, living in the now, a mechanical watch always wins because it never tries to pull you out of that moment.

Now, as for his grandfather’s gold Rolex…well, you’re going to have to hang around until the end of the video to hear that story. What I will say, though, is this: 9 MORE SEASONS AND A MOVIE, MORTY. T&H THE MOVIE!

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