In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian gets down and dirty with the rumors of a possible collaboration between Supreme and Rolex!

Now, the thing about both of these brands is that, by all accounts, have a ton of brand equity that keeps people fascinated and enthralled with their product, whether or not the product actually lives up to those expectations. So what does Christian think it will look like, should this collaboration occur? Well, we have no idea, but the folks at High Snobiety have done some pretty cool mock-ups of what they think it could look like, and the link is down below.

What does it mean? Well, there’s two options – the first, is that Rolex would be doing their first major collaboration, and it would be a major achievement on the part of Supreme. In a lot of ways, it kind of has the vibe of the classic double-stamped watches that has been such a huge part of vintage Rolex. Do we think it will happen? Well, we hope we’re wrong, but that’s gonna be a “no” from us, geeks.