In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian dives into the officially thinnest watch in the world, the Piaget Altipano Ultimate 910P. While Christian ultimately is a bigger fan of Cartier in terms of dress watch companies, even he is fully aware that the real winners, on an empirical level, are Piaget. Why? Let’s get into it.

Though they’ve had a tendency over the years to get a little bit gaudy, sometimes verging on downright absurd, they have stayed true to their core set of design and movement principles since pretty much their founding. And while some of their designs are truly magnificent, it really is their movement production that has earned them a spot among the most well-regarded manufacturers in horology.

Onto the Altipano Ultimate – as of it’s release, it is officially the thinnest automatic watch in the world, a record Piaget themselves are used to holding. What’s fascinating about this, perhaps more than anything else, is the idea that the same brand can continually beat their own records. Conventional wisdom would make it seem like “oh, they can’t possibly top this; they’ve run out of the ability to innovate any further.” For many brands, this may be the case, but not for Piaget. Now let’s just hope they don’t design a piece so thin I can snap it in half with my bare hands.