In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian tackles the world of water resistance, and how it might not mean what you think it means.

Ultimately, there are six major categories of water resistance that your watch will absolutely have one of, so let’s get into them. The first is “No Water Resistance” which means exactly what it sounds like it means. As such, it shouldn’t be exposed to any degree of moisture. The next category is “Up to 30m”, which is where Panerai’s new 38mm collection falls. Most professionals STILL would not recommend you even wash your hands with it. From there, we have “Up to 50m” which, technically you can swim with, but it still isn’t totally encouraged.

Next up, “Up to 100m” which is over 300 feet and, generally, is acceptable to swim with and whatnot, but still no diving. If you want to dive with your watch, you’ll want ISO 6425 certified dive watches (200 and 300m rated). That being said, since we deal with vintage here, the biggest recommendation that we always make is not to take your vintage watch underwater strictly because of the risk of ruining your entire watch.