In this episode, Christian dives into what he calls one of the “worst decisions ever made by any watchmaker…EVER.”

The Panerai in question is the reference 318 Luminor, released in 2011. This piece, known as the “Brooklyn Bridge,” was a special edition for their New York boutique, but there was a bit of a problem – the movement, an ETA 6497, was not only undecorated but lacked any semblance of Panerai branding. At all. No, really.

This movement wasn’t just unbranded and undecorated, but it was also of the lowest grade conceivable. It featured a nickle balance, not particularly well designed for durability and longevity. And why did they do it? Well, nobody knows for sure, but it seems to us that they just assumed nobody would ever open a freaking caseback. To this day, Panerai has never issued an apology for this, although they did offer to replace the movement for those clients who felt the desire.