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In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian dives into his picks for the top three oddball, off the wall releases from Baselworld 2018!

The first pick on the list is one Christian isn’t actually all that fond of – the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A, the first Aquanaut to-date to feature a chronograph complication. It’s a funky, funky watch in a lot of ways. The first major criticism, of course, is the size – at just over 42mm, and about 11mm thick, it’s one of the biggest Aquanauts to date, and is just a bit too big for a lot of wrists, though perfectly sized for others. The bigger issue, though, is how it’s positioned in the market. It’s pitched as a “young person’s watch” and, that just seems like such a lay-up because, truthfully, it comes across like they’re saying “hey, it’s pretty and brightly colored – the kids will dig it.” That, to me, is super sh***y.

Next, we have the Rolex Root Beer – a watch Christian doesn’t particularly like BUT, I do, and that’s what matters after all. In all seriousness, his issue is mostly a design thing. The black dial, in truth, is a bit jarring compared to the brown and gold tones used elsewhere on the watch. Historically, the Root Beer has had a brown dial for exactly this reason, and it definitely seems like a strange design choice for Rolex to drop the ball on something as simple as dial color.

Finally, we have the most absurd of them all – the Nomos Autobahn. The very concept of a driver’s watch from Nomos just seems a bit off, primarily because Nomos has no real heritage or connection to the automotive industry. Perhaps its biggest shortcoming, however, is the lack of legibility that this dial has. If you’re driving, you sort of need to be able to read the time, which it seems nobody at Nomos considered in the design phase. Seems to be a lot of that this year.