In this week’s episode of RANT&H, Christian takes a look at his picks for the two best vintage watches when it comes to both being accessible and affordable, and when it comes to being valuable. And while his second pick surely won’t come as a shock to anyone who’s familiar with T&H, his first pick might just.

That first pick is the Omega Seamaster, one of the most interesting and, to some extent, most changed model lines in modern and vintage horology. Everyone knows what a Submariner looks like. Everyone is familiar with the style of a Reverso. But if you were to take a late 1960s Seamaster and line it up next to a Planet Ocean, you’d probably get a ton of people scratching their heads over how they could possibly be from the same model line. And yet, the Seamaster model line is Omega’s longest running, and those original examples can be had for an absolute steal depending on service history and condition.

Christian’s second pick will probably come as a shock to absolutely nobody: it’s the Rolex Datejust. I know, I know, but hold your horses; there’s a very good reason. A classic Datejust, whether it’s a reference 1601, 1603, or even one of the more recent references, all have one thing in common: insane durability and the ability to be so easily serviced that there’s almost no excuse to have one and not be wearing it regularly. You can enter into the world of the Datejust for between three and four thousand dollars, which is an absolute song compared to where modern Rolex begins for the same model line, and it represents a chance to get into luxury watches at what, generally speaking, is a much more attainable price than most other MASSIVE brands out there.