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In this week’s RANT&H, Christian dives head first into the absolutely INSANE Patek Philippe reference 5208t that sold for a whopping $8 MILLION at this year’s Only Watch auction in Geneva. A stunning piece, and a super complicated one at that, this Patek took the selling price estimates and smashed them, Hulk-style, going for nearly 6x what it was originally expected to. So why the HUGE premium?

If we look past the fact that it is truly a one-of-a-kind edition of this reference, designed specifically for this particular auction, it is a 2nd generation instantaneous perpetual calendar, as well as a chronograph and, and this is the big one, a minute repeater. All of that in one relatively compact package, a package made of titanium which, in the world of Patek, makes it even more collectible. Add all of that together, throw in the exclusivity of being the only person on Earth to own this reference, and you’ve certainly got the makings of an insane auction.