Christian goes into the (pros?) and CONS of MVMT!

No, we don’t hold MVMT to the standard we hold Rolex to, Cartier to, or Seiko to. But a watch brand should be required to provide – for $150 – either solid design, strong mechanics, or appealing history.

I hate cash grabs. I love marketing. The people over at MVMT probably know way more about marketing than the T&H team, BUT their product is sh*t.

Who is MVMT?
They sell cheap watches for $150. They’re run by tiny quartz movements, inside a 40mm cheaply made case. The design is uninventive. At the point where they have neither movement nor design going for them – where does $150 come from? It’s an empty design and empty product.

They’re promoting themselves as a “disruption in the industry.” First of all, you’re not a disruption. Second, these puff pieces are clearly paid.

So what do I buy?
The newer MVMT models are looking slightly better. BUT look elsewhere. Timex watches provide simple, classic design and for $60-100. They’re consistent, reliable, and highly competitive.