Rare A. Lange & Söhne: Tourbillon, Lange One Steel & Darth

RANT&H | JUNE 14, 2019

Today, we dove into the collection of Gabe, a friend of the show and watch geek whose collection contains some of the most rare and obscure models there are. Specifically, we’re looking at three of his pieces by the German powerhouse A. Lange & Sohne.

First, we have the original tourbillon in rose gold. Not only is it one of Lange’s first attempts, post resurrection, to produce a watch that featured a high complication, but it also marks the first time a chain and fusee was ever put into a wristwatch. Originally designed for pocket watches, the chain and fusee, which helps to maintain a constant force for the escapement, had never been put into not only a wristwatch before, but also never into a tourbillon.

Next, we have the Lange 1 “Darth,” a platinum edition of the classic Lange 1 that featured a black dial and big date window with white text on a black background, rather than the more traditional black text on a white background. Part of what makes platinum such an interesting case material is that, perhaps even more than white gold, it very much resembles steel visually, but once you pick it up and hold it, it becomes abundantly clear that you’re dealing with something premium.

Finally, we have the Lange 1 in STEEL, a case metal that Lange almost never finds themselves dealing in but one that arguably is more interesting for it. It looks no different on paper than the more traditional Lange 1 in white gold, but much like the platinum is far heavier when you pick it up, the steel is much lighter, making it a dead giveaway that this is something incredibly special.