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Reviewing The Cartier Watch Releases Of 2020

Here is Cartier’s biggest problem…

May 18, 2020

For 2020, Cartier released a handful of new pieces: the Asymetrique, the Pasha, and a couple of others. And while the modern Cartier collection does a wonderful job of paying respect to the watches that came before, it definitely fails in paying respect to the brand ethos that produced them. Cartier, whether it was their Tank Normal or Tank Cintree or Santos Dumont, has always been a brand that reacted to the world around them. Now, their failure to introduce new models that do the same thing shows, and it poses an impressive dilemma for the brand.

Their Santos de Cartier was incredible, a great, honest interpretation of their classic. Their Tank Skeleton, while a bit big, is still a beautiful and innovative watch. So what do we mean by “new models?” Simple – something from scratch, something that draws on what has always made Cartier Cartier: design.

Picture it — Midnight on New Years Eve, the world is still ringing in the 2020s, and Cartier drops a brand new watch on the world while all the other brands are sleeping and drinking and reeling in the potential of a new decade. It’s a bit late for this now, of course, but Cartier still has any number of chances to bring about this kind of massive, world bending release that could change things for the brand forever.

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