Rolex Brand Ambassador, J. Crew Watches, & Audemars Piguets Code 11.59

ASKTNH LIVE | APR 15, 2019

In this week’s ASKTNH LIVE, Christian takes YOUR questions LIVE via our Instagram (@theoandharris)!!

The first question is a fun one – if Christian had to choose between being the brand ambassador for Rolex or for Cutty Sark, which would he pick? While Rolex’s marketing budget arguably outweighs the value of Cutty Sark as a company, Christian still can’t shake the notion of just how much fun it would be for him to be the Cutty Sark brand ambassador (and, given how many bottles of the stuff he’s sold to people via Instagram, it’s not like much would be different).

The next question revolves around what makes a watch trendy or fashionable, and the easy answer is marketing. Would we ever collaborate with a watch brand? Absolutely, and Christian highlights the idea of working with a brand like J. Crew to curate a small, but thoughtful collection of pieces. We’d also be super into working with Tiffany & Co., JLC, or Blancpain.

If Christian did the marketing for a microbrand, what would he do? Step one: develop personal relationships with everyone who brings them value, whether it be YouTubers, bloggers, or other individuals who can help make the brand something special.

From there, we get into the way our content has changed in 2019, which all comes down to a renewed commitment to be the best at this we possibly can, whatever that means and however that has to happen. Finally, we get into the Code 11:59 by Audemars Piguet, and how it’s too early to tell what the next move for the collection is. Simply, they have the potential to make the collection something great and interesting, but it isn’t there yet.