Rolex Day Date Platinum Double The Price of White Gold

RANT&H | MAY 20, 2019

We’re answering your most popular questions! Here’s what we cover in 30 seconds or less each:

More Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202s?
Mostly, this allows AP to offer more variations of the Royal Oak for different wrists and at different price points.

Which watch is getting the most wear?
Currently, his blue Datejust, but overall he’s got a pretty balanced amount of time with each piece.

Two Tone watches?
We love two-tone watches here at T&H. They can be a bit gaudy, but not without their own inherent sense of charm.

What does Anna do for T&H?
Everything. No, seriously, she does just about everything for T&H in some way, shape, or form. From content coordination to graphics design to refreshing the design of the website, there would be no Theo & Harris without her.

$200 strap on a $200 watch?
Why not? Sure, the hesitation is understandable, but doing so helps to elevate the watch you’re wearing, rather than contradict it.

Favorite watch in the T&H shop?
The Tudor Air Tiger, which is Rolex’s way of experimenting with different model lines prior to the introduction of the Rolex Air King.

Platinum or white gold day date?
Value wise? The White gold option is the obvious option, while the Platinum version goes for significantly more pre-owned. If not for the Ice Blue dial on the Platinum Day-Date, then white gold would be the hands down option, but given how gorgeous that dial is…

Do you hate watching you as much as I hate watching you?
Yeah, 100%, but mostly because he notices every mistake he makes along the way which can 100% be a cringey, uncomfortable experience.

Do you think Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo will ever get the praise you think it deserves?
In the watch community?Absolutely. However, the general public consumer simply won’t ever really appreciate it since it’s BVLGARI, a brand that generally carries no real cache in the court of public opinion.