Rolex GMT-Master II | 3 Outfits in 3 Minutes

AUGUST 29, 2019

Today, Rolly showcases three outfits from different ends of the style spectrum that show off the beauty of his Rolex GMT Master II!! The first is a casual polo shirt, complete with a pair of khaki pants and a nice set of loafers (Gucci, in this example). The look is casual, yet professional, perfect for many a 9 to 5 (especially in the summer). The second look is similar, but here he swaps out the polo for a nice button down shirt and his more casual loafers for a pair that’s a bit more formal. Finally, we have a look involving a sort of dress casual aesthetic. Since he travel’s a lot for work, Rolly often finds himself decked out in jeans, comfortable loafers, and a comfortable, but still formal dress shirt for the plane rides. Getting off the plane and straight to a meeting, however, often requires that he chuck on a nice sport coat, tying the outfit all together, something the GMT handles perfectly.