Rolex Tiffany & Co. Stamped Watches

RANT&H | JAN 14, 2019

In this episode, Christian and Anna dive into the story of Tiffany & Co. stamped Rolex watches, and just what makes them so expensive and desirable. To start, let’s first establish what a Tiffany Stamp is. In short, it all comes down to co-branding, in this case the retailer (Tiffany) stamps the dial with their name or logo of an existing watch. For Tiffany, they reached out to Rolex to sell watches, with the condition that they could put their names on the watches. This was originally printed on by Tiffany themselves, though eventually Rolex began doing this for them before the watches ever left the factory.

This relationship lasted from the 1950s to the 1990s, and now that it has ceased, so much value has been applied to the nine letter stamp on the dial, likely because of this relative rarity. With that kind of value and premium comes counterfeits, likely because the Tiffany stamp on the dial demands a several THOUSAND dollar premium, sometimes into the five digits. The other thing that stands out about these examples is the fact that, of the hundreds of Rolex variations and small details that make certain examples more collectible than others is the fact that Tiffany isn’t a small detail – it’s a company and a name that people, watch geeks or not, will recognize and be able to associate with luxury which, when coupled with the Rolex name, creates a powerhouse of brand power on a single watch.