Rolex Yachtmaster II:
Official Review and How To Use it

RANT&H | MAY 01, 2019

Today, Christian hands-on explains how to use the regatta timer function of the Yachtmaster II. Regatta timers are designed specifically to time only ten minutes, used by skippers to determine when their vessel is allowed to cross the starting line. So yeah, it doesn’t even time the regatta itself.

The way it works is this – the red second hand at 12 is the traditional chronograph 60-second hand, and the short red hand measures the minutes. The watch also features the so-called “Command Bezel,” so named because of its ability to actually command the movement to do something new. 90 degrees turns the watch into regatta mode. You do this, and then push the bottom pusher, before pulling the crown out to its first position. From there, you can adjust the big red minute hand to a specified minute you desire.

Once you do, you push the crown back in, return the bezel to its standard position, and then you can use it like a standard chronograph when it comes to pusher operation. It also features a flyback function by pressing the bottom pusher, sending it back to your zero point.