Rolex’s “Affordable,” Entry-Level Watch…
Oyster Perpetuals w/ London Jewelers

RANT&H | JULY 25, 2019

Rolex is the world’s most famous watch brand. Signature models, like the Explorer, the Submariner, and the Day Date represent eras – Everest Expeditions, James Bond, Tony Soprano – can we be so bold as to say the 80’s in their entirety? Probably. However, that isn’t where the buck stops. Their modern Oyster Perpetual collection, widely regarded as their entry level collection, presents some of the best, most underrated and understated value in luxury watches.

The modern OP is offered in a range of sizes, from 39 mm all the way down to 26, as well as a range of colors, from black and white to blue and red grape. The models all come equipped on steel Oyster bracelets with polished domed bezels, giving them the most classic, foundational look of any Rolex model. The Rolex caliber 3130 is the movement behind the scenes here, with some of the most updated Rolex movement technology.

Thank you to London Jewelers for partnering with us on this video and making it possible. To see more of London’s collection and pick up your next watch: