In this episode, Christian and Rolly crack open a bottle of Chardonnay and talk Seiko!

On the Annabella Chardonnay:
A winery based in Napa Valley, this has a bit of an oak and vanilla smell to it. The melon and orange flavors are very apparent, but the vanilla and oak are still sharp and competitive. It’s well-balanced, a good $16 bottle.

On Seiko:
On the last Rant, Christian vocalized his opinion that at $4,000, many people (including Theo & Harris fans) may not want to spend that kind of money on the BRAND Seiko. Not because Seiko watches are bad by any means, or “lesser,” but because they have a history of being more affordable, even quartz options, as opposed to a status symbol.

Yes, there is a lot of respect for people who see past the branding and spend that money on a Seiko because of their own understanding of the watch. BUT that doesn’t make people who are hesitant to do the same dumb or wrong. Seiko is synonymous with $110 quartz watches.