Selling Your Watch Online: How To + Pros and Cons

LIQUOR RUN | JUNE 21, 2019

In today’s episode, Christian and Rolly dive into the process of selling your watch online, and how to do it right!

Rolly has decided, after about a year of ownership, to sell his Panerai Radiomir, a watch he didn’t intend to sell when he bought it but one that he intends to use to help fund a new purchase and try something new. So how the hell DO you sell a luxury watch?

1) eBay – Pros: Global exposure; Cons: High fees, can’t command top $ for your sale
2) Instagram – Pros: Global exposure, no fees; Cons: Hard work, can’t be unprofessional
3) Big Box Retailers (ex: Tourneau) – Pros: Guaranteed sale; Cons: Probably going to take a loss
4) Trusted Dealer – Pros: Fair Market value, develop a personal relationship, look out for your best interest