Bezels stepped like this come along once in a very long time.

Technical Specs:
Case Size: 35 millimeters
Lug Width: 17 millimeters
Bracelet: Yellow Gold Plated

About the maker
Lineage is important- read up.

Longines – In 1832, nearly two hundred years ago, Longines was founded by Auguste Agassiz. Just 44 years after its start, in 1876, the company’s methods arguably inspired the shift to the industrialization of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Since their first strides, Longines has represented utility and practicality in horology. One of the most remarkable achievements in the brand’s history, Longines’ beautiful 13ZN caliber, first assembled in 1936, featured a flyback chronograph, semi-instantaneous minute hand and was build with aviation in mind. The feet achieved by the 13ZN was so advanced that it wouldn’t be reached again until 1999. If that’s not enough, John Goldberger, one of the worlds leading wristwatch experts and authors, attests to the unique beauty of the 13ZN chronograph and his immense appreciation for it. Although first associated specifically with horse-racing, Longines’ dedication to time-keeping extends from sport to navigation, and exploration. Longines has always carefully crafted their pieces to provide owners with a functional and lasting companion. Longines makes functionality their primary concern while at the same time mastering design and form. Plainly put, Longines keeps the time for your adventurers.