Marcel et Cie Chronograph




Vintage manual wind chronographs are just about the most desirable watches on the market today. These are the kinds of watches, if you can find them, that will steadily appreciate in the coming years; even after the mild wear of baseball games, bike riding and beer shotgunning. And this example, a Marcel et Cie, is at the top of its class. Not only is it powered by the venerable Valjoux 7733 caliber but it features a flawless matte black dial signed “Champion.” You see, the Champion auto parts company commissioned Marcel et Cie to manufacture a few chronographs like this to reward employees in the 1970’s. While it’s incredibly cool to have any double signature on the dial, one by an auto parts company on a chronograph is the perfect fit, making it all the more interesting. And if all of that wasn’t enough, its paired (and quite beautifully) with an original steel J.B. Champion bracelet – something I’ve never been lucky enough to own until now! This is one of the most exciting sports watches I’ve owned to date and I couldn’t be happier to be offering it here!

Maker: Marcel et Cie
Year: 1970’s
Case Diameter: 35 millimeters
Lug Width: 18 millimeters
Case Material: Chrome plated
Case Condition: Great condition, no serious nicks or scratches
Dial Condition: Great condition, no stains or damage
Bracelet: J.B. Champion steel bracelet
Movement: 7733