Omega Chubby Seamaster


Classic, worn and cross-haired.

Technical Specs:
Case Size: 35 millimeters
Lug Width: 18 millimeters
Case Material: Gold Plated
Bracelet: Genuine Omega Leather

About the maker
Lineage is important- read up.

Omega – One of the more renowned Swiss Luxury brands, Omega has long lived up to its namesake in accomplishment and perfection. Originally founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, Omega was one of the first innovators to create interchangeable parts, in-house manufacturing, and total production control. These early horological advancements and market leadership allowed the brand to quickly distinguish itself among its Swiss counterparts, and later helped it stay afloat during the Great Depression with its 1930 Tissot merger. As time moved on, Omega continued to stay true to its principles of excellence and exploration dominating the pre-quarts era. Near the end of this period it created possibly its most recognizable watch, the Speedmaster, most famous for beating Bulova as the first watch on the moon. In 1983, Omega merged again with a variety of other historical Swiss brands to form what would later be called the Swatch group. Omega has long been a brand that stays true its foundations, but is never afraid to innovate. Those who wear them maintain this character, and continue to prove Omega as a lasting brand.