Oriosa Chronograph


I’m constantly asked about the “best investments in watches”. Well, you’re looking at it. In my opinion, the best investment in vintage watches is a manual wind chronograph with an interesting dial. What do I mean by interesting dials? Panda’s, regatta markers, sunburst and, of course, reverse blue panda’s. These are the kinds of watches, if you can find them below $1,200, that will appreciate in the coming years even after the mild wear you inflict upon them when you get a little sauced at your neighbors Christmas party.

Technical Specs:
Case Size: 36 millimeters
Lug Width: 18 millimeters
Case Material: Chrome Plated Case and a Stainless Steel Back
Bracelet: Premium Olive Green NATO Strap
Movement: Mint Landeron 248

About the Look
Steve – It’s complicated in both movement and design. It’s ticking proof that functionality isn’t necessarily boring and beautiful isn’t always delicate. Remember the bursting blue dial peeking from McQueens rugged racing jacket? Exactly my point.