Rolex Date Ref. 1500




In the world of vintage Rolex, dials are king. And blue Rolex dials are (just about) at the top of that food chain.

How’d they earn that spot at the top? They’re beautiful, versatile, rare and, while fun enough for the daring, conservative enough for the restrained. In short, they’re the perfect storm.

Have a look at this Oyster Perpetual Date – it’s just stunning, isn’t it? In size, it’s substantial without overwhelming. In condition, it’s about as sharp and raw as any Rolex geek would ever hope for. And, as I mentioned before, in color it’s a home run. But the homers don’t end there; the dial isn’t just blue but heightened by a mosaic pattern throughout. It gives tremendous texture to the aesthetic (especially in the natural sun) and to Rolex geeks, that’s a big deal.

I love this watch, there isn’t a doubt. And I couldn’t be more proud but to be offering it here for you.

Maker: Rolex
Model: Date Ref. 1500
Year: 1974
Case Diameter: 34 millimeters
Lug Width: 19 millimeters
Case Material: Stainless steel
Case Condition: Great condition, no significant nicks or scratches
Dial Condition: Great condition
Movement: Automatic Winding
Examined & Guaranteed: Before being listed, this watch was fully inspected by our watchmaker. It was examined for timekeeping as well as all forms of damage – corrosion, water penetration, shock, extensive wear etc. Since it passed his thorough examination with flying colors, a full in-house service was not needed or performed.