Rolex Datejust Ref 1603




In 1945, Rolex’s 40th birthday gift to itself was the Datejust. That’s right. They didn’t issue a color variation of an existing watch, they championed a new one – one that would go on to be a legend, a ticker at the bedrock of history.

A reference 1603, it was manufactured in 1969. It’s flat white dial, often referred to as “snow white” is not only as pure as the alps, but gratuitously stamped Sigma at 6 is what deserves the attention here.

As someone who absolutely obsesses over Datejusts, the fact that I am able to own this “Snow White” freaks me out. Not only are these dials shockingly beautiful but they’re extremely rare. And to add insult to injury, the ones that do exist are very largely in private collections, they’re pieces to be passed down. So yes, the fact that I can own, hold and offer this is very special for me. To back up a second, a simple Datejust is the perfect watch. Why? Because it’s never out of place – from scotch & soda NATO to boring C-suite meetings on a cordovan strap, it never fails to serve you well, impressing the tasteful.

This vintage Rolex, with its incredibly steel Oyster case, killer engine turned bezel and incredibly clean white dial proves that there is still, after all of those years, value in vintage Rolex. This is one of my favorite vintage watches and I know it’ll never disappoint you!

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Maker: Rolex
Model: Datejust Ref 1603
Year: 1969
Dial condition: Great condition, no blemishes
Case condition: Great condition, no significant nicks or scratches
Bracelet: Original Rolex jubilee
Movement: Automatic winding